PureBred Havanese Puppies in North Georgia

If you are looking into adding a beautiful Havanese puppy to your family, here at HeartSpot Havanese we make every effort to raise healthy, beautiful, and well-balanced puppies. Our focus is to raise pups in a nurturing environment that will give your new best friend the best start possible. We offer services beyond just helping you locate a forever companion, we also offer grooming, training, feed advice and occasionally, boarding.

Our Difference: Genetic Testing and Health Guarantee

Along with this, we offer a unique health guarantee that is somewhat rare among Havanese breeders. There are many breeders that offer a “replacement guarantee” that essentially means that the breeder won’t help with medical expenses should the need arise. Instead, they offer to ‘replace’ the pup you cherish.

At HeartSpot, not only do we test for genetic abnormalities via OFA and CERF, but we also offer a health guarantee that enables us to help YOU should your puppy have a congenital or breeding related problem. (This has to be proven by diagnostic testing to confirm that a genetic issue is present.) Once confirmed, we will cover treatment up to the purchase price.

Should you be interested in an older Havanese please check our reduced cost page. We sometimes have older dogs available. (If you are wanting a more trained dog, this may be a good option for you.)

If you have a special dog in mind, i.e., color, size, gender etc., please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know when your dream dog becomes available!