Parasites in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

So if you have a canine, you inevitably have an animal that likes to lick, paw, smell, and eat some of the most vile of items. As a result, your beloved family pet will probably contract parasites. Here are some cheaper, easier ways you can treat these parasites without having to go to a vet and spend bookoos of money.


One of the first symptoms of worms is a bloated stomach. You will also see worms in their feces. (Although only for certain types) Many times, puppies will be incredibly thin and will seem healthy but if their stomach looks bloated then more than likely they have worms. It is important that you treat IMMEDIATELY as young pups can die from an early onset of Hookworms.


Go buy yourself a bottle of *Fenbendazole Goat Wormer* or *Safeguard Horse Wormer* [these can usually be found at a local feed store or online] A lot of people prefer to purchase the more expensive powdered safeguards because it is formulated more specifically towards dogs. This is unnecessary as the two are very similar, they just come in different forms.



The liquid form dosage is 1 teaspoon for every 10 lbs of body weight. Administer it orally, some people like to put it in the dog food. Another way [and the one I prefer] is to use an eyedropper and squirt it in your pets’ mouth. Once you have done that, give your pooch a treat so they will associate the eyedropper with delicious goodies.

Do this every day for 3 days. This treatment will take care of tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.


TAPEWORMS ARE EVIL—remember this. The Safe-Guard is a wonderful way to help get rid of tapeworms in your canine. However, there is another type of tapeworm that can be present in your canine due to fleas. Just to be on the safe side, I like to treat my dogs with *Droncit* this drug is formulated specifically to the treatment of tapeworms transmitted by fleas. [SAFEGUARD DOES NOT TREAT THE TAPEWORM CONTRACTED BY FLEAS] You can only get Droncit from a vet, most vets will sell it to you once you have your dog tested for worms. [my vet charges $8 to see if there are worms in the feces] If you explain to your vet that you would like to have some on hand just in case your dog ever contracts tapeworms then your vet should be willing to give you a prescription.

NOTE: Tapeworms are contagious to humans AND can cause serious health problems if contracted.


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